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The voice of change in sports associations!

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: The government has changed in the state. After 24 years, BJD has been deposed and for the first time, BJP is in power. The effect of the change of government has been seen on the sports associations. The talk is that the politicians in the various sports associations of the state will change. Since BJD has been in power for many years, there was pressure on the position of BJD leaders. Now the BJP leader can enter the sports association with the change of government. Odisha Football Association will be holding election on 21st.

Debashish out Sameer in!

The influence of state politics in Odisha Football Association or FAO elections. BJD MP Debashisha Samantaray, who is now the president of FAO, will not come to the election process. In the last two elections, Debashisha Radharaman was representing the club and became its president. However, this time Radharaman Club has not sent his name. The name of BJP leader Sameer Dey has been given on behalf of Rising Student Club. So there is a rumor that Sameer De will return to the sports association. The election will be held on the 21st after the nomination process is over. There are a total of 241 voters in FAO.

Sameer De Returns

Sameer de Odisha was the president of Olympic Association for many years. However, the influence of BJD in the politics of Barabati Stadium increased. .As a result, Sameer De is said to be sidelined. However, when BJP returns to the government in the state, Sameer De’s entry to the sports association may happen again. Bliss Behera is also said to be planning to become a general editor again.

Bobby will go after Debashisha!

BJD Organizational Editor Pranab Prakash Das entered the Sports Association. Now Pranab is the president of Odisha Cricket Association or OCA. It is rumored that Pranab may be removed from the post of OCA president when the OCA elections are going to be held next year. Pranab, who was previously called one of the power centers of BJ, has lost the Sambalpur Lok Sabha election this time. It is rumored that an influential BJP leader will take the place of Bobby as OCA president.

Politician in Sports Association

Over the years, the sports associations of the state have been influenced by political parties. There are more than 25 influential leaders in various sports associations like Odisha Football Association, Odisha Cricket Association, Odisha Olympic Association, Odisha Athletic Association. Padmanav Behera is associated with Football Association, Achyut Samantha with Volleyball Association, Suresh Routray with Bhubaneswar Athletic Association, Shibanand Ray with Kickboxing Association while Rohit Pujari is with State Badminton Association. Biju Patnaik was the president of the National Basketball Federation. KP Singhdeo was the president of the National Rowing Federation. He was also associated with the State Rowing and Skating Association. Similarly, Harakrishna Mahatab, Bhairav ​​Mohanty, Rasbihari Behera, Mustafiz Ahmed, Samir De, Basant Biswal, Ashribada Behera, Sanatan Bishi and Pratap Shetpathi were also associated with various sports associations. When the BJP government came to power in the state, its effect on the unions has been seen. After the election of Odisha Football Association, the elections of other associations are also going to be held. The influence of state politics will affect the election of the sports association. As a result, it is rumored that the BJP leader will enter the union post excluding the BJD leader.

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