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Anderson was emotional before playing the final Test

Sarojini Bishi

London: England’s great pace bowler James Anderson is emotional before playing the last Test match of his career. This test match will be played at Lord’s from 10 July to 14 July. “A good performance in the last match will be my main goal,” he said. After the match I will try to pay special attention so that tears do not come out of my eyes. I am still performing well. Then one day or another it will end. When everything is in order, retirement will be the right step. I don’t know, but I have no other option but to retire. He started his Test career at Lord’s in 2003 against Zimbabwe.

He has taken 700 wickets in 348 innings in 187 Tests. 32 times 5 wickets and 10 times 3 wickets success. He is now on the third place in getting maximum wickets. Muthuraya Muralidhar (800) and Shane Warne are in first and second place with 708 wickets. On behalf of England, Anderson played 269 in 194 ODIs and took 18 wickets in 19 T20 matches. He played the last ODI in 2015 and the last T20 in 2009.

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