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Darshan will not stop when the gem is opened

Sarojini Bishi

Puri: The long wait has come to an end. The treasure of the Lord is going to be opened on the next 14th. The decision has been made in the meeting chaired by Justice Biswanath. After the permission of the government, Ratna Bhandar will be opened on the next 14th. Apart from opening it, all the jewels in it will be counted and the gem will be repaired. For this, temporary storage will be made and all the jewels will be transferred there. However, Justice Biswanath has given relief when there is a doubt whether the temple will be crowded or not, whether the devotee will have a glimpse of Lord Mahaprabhu or not.

However, after the meeting, Justice Biswanath Rath said, the government will be proposed to open the gems on the next 14th. We hope that the government will allow us to open on the 14th. Ratna Bhandar will be opened after the permission of the government. Any type of lock will be opened. We will open the lock in any way, regardless of whether or not the key is there. Justice Biswanath Rath said that the darshan of the devotees will not be stopped during the opening of the jewels. Devotees can have darshan of Lord Mahaprabhu while the process of opening the jewels is going on. Biswanath said that the devotees expressed their hope to cooperate with him.

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