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Sarojini Bishi

Keonjhar: Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech at the public meeting in Keonjhar. Home Minister Amit Shah has campaigned for BJP candidates. At this time, Shah gave an example of Modi’s development work for the country and said, “Modi is working to keep the country safe.” He has responded to the terrorists by removing Article 370 from Kashmir. Shah said that now Pakistan annexed Kashmir.

He further said, Congress is threatening us by talking about Pakistan. We are telling the Congress, Pakistan occupied Kashmir is ours. We will take possession of it. We have cleared terrorists by entering Pakistan in a surgical strike. Who will be the leader if India Mint wins? Shah asked whether any of them can give a face to face answer to Pakistan.

In addition, targeting BJD, Amit Shah said, Can they respect orthodox art and literature? When the BJP government came, Odisha speaking and Odisha youth will be the Chief Minister of Odisha. Naveen Babu has taken Odisha back 25 years. 25 lakh people of the state are homeless. 26 lakh people do not have access to drinking water. Shah firmly said that if the BJP government comes, we will provide housing and water facilities to every person in just 2 years.

He further said that Modi has done a lot for the development of tribals. Modi has made 740 private schools for tribal children. 40 thousand tribal teachers have been hired. BJP has decided to give bonus to Kendusalya Todali along with salary increase. Odisha’s tribal girl Draupadi Murmu has been elected as the president of BJP.Now Prime Minister Modi is taking the tribal society forward. Modi cleared Naxalism from Odisha, Andhra, Telangana.

The whole country has been enriched by taking minerals from Keonjhar, which is rich in minerals. But Keonjhar did not get anything, no development happened here. Shah said that 500-bed hospitals will be built in Keonjhar and Sambalpur.

Similarly, the MSP of paddy will be increased to Rs 3100 and within 48 hours this money will be credited to the farmer’s account. Similarly, we will give a voucher of 50 thousand rupees to the woman. Similarly, we will create 25 lakh millionaires. Shah said that he will give jobs to one and a half lakh youth in just 2 years if BJP comes to power in Odisha.

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