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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: Monsoon will hit Kerala in 24 hours. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the southwest monsoon has touched Kerala and the weather is favorable. So it is predicted that the monsoon will touch very soon.

There will be normal rainfall in the month of July under the influence of South West Monsoon. The director general of the Indian Meteorological Department, Mrutyunjaya Mohapatra, has informed today that the country will receive more than normal rainfall between July and September. It is expected that there will be growth in the agricultural sector due to the possibility of more than normal rainfall.

On the other hand, heat has grown again in the state. Life has been disrupted. By 11:30 the temperature is 42 degrees Celsius. Jharsuguda is the hottest city today with 42.8 degrees. Sambalpur is 42.2 degrees and Hirakud is 42 degrees, while Rourkela is 40.8 degrees, Keonjhar is 40.5 degrees, and Bhubaneswar is 38.8 degrees. Coastal Odisha will be covered in mud. The weather department has predicted that there will be another 3 days of intense summer heat in the state.

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