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Sarojini Bishi

Baripada: ‘How did Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik become so ill within a year? Is there some big conspiracy behind the Chief Minister’s ill health? Who is responsible for this? Modi has created a movement in the minds of the people of Odisha by asking something like this today.

Prime Minister Modi questioned Chief Minister Naveen on an important issue in Baripada Bhara Sabha today. He said, ‘How did the Chief Minister become so ill within this year? Many people are thinking that Naveen Babu cannot do anything by himself. The biggest thing is that people suspect that there may be some conspiracy behind it.

Is there any conspiracy behind Naveen Babu’s illness? Modi questioned saying that. The people of Odisha have the right to know this. Does the person who enjoys power in the name of Naveen have a hand in it? Need to lift the veil on this mystery? A special committee will be formed when the BJP government comes. will be checked. How suddenly his health became so bad. Modi assured that everything will be dug out.

Similarly, Modi questioned the issue of precious stones. He said, today the whole country wants to know where the key of the treasure went? Whose name is on the inspection report? This is the biggest question. What the BJD wants to hide, the BJP will reveal.

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