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Sarojini Bishi

Visakhapatnam: Coacain was seized from Visakhapatnam after Paradip. CBI seized 25 thousand kilos of coacain from Visakhapatnam port. CBI seized a container from Brazil yesterday. After checking the container, it was found that coacain was found in it. Interpol was behind the container of coacain. CBI seized the coacain after checking the information of Interpol.

According to CBI officials, the seizure was made under ‘Operation Garuda’ following a tip-off from Interpol and with the help of Visakhapatnam police and customs department. The container was booked from Santos port in Brazil for delivery to Visakhapatnam in the name of a private company located in Visakhapatnam. The container contains 1,000 bags of 25 kg of coacain. All the coacain has been seized and a case has been registered. While no one has been arrested in this incident, the department has conducted further investigation.

It is worth noting that in December last year, cocaine worth Rs 200 crore was seized from Paradip Port. The customs department seized 22 packets of cocaine from the vessel named MV-Devi Panama. It was known that the ship came from Egypt to Gresik port in Indonesia and then to Paradip. This ship would have gone to Denmark with steel plates from Paradip. But the customs department got in the way.

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