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Bhubaneswar received some relief from heavy rains

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: There was little relief from heavy hail and gunfire. Thunderstorm and rain in different parts of the capital Bhubaneswar. Thunderstorm and rain in Acharya Bihar, Nalco, Patia. However, wind and rain were also seen in the capital yesterday.

It is worth noting that despite the arrival of monsoon, the state is still hot and humid. In unbearable heat, the people are the output. In the meantime, intermittent rain is providing some relief. It will be raining for another two days. Coastal Odisha will experience unbearable shelling. During these two days, there is a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon at various places, but the rain will continue.

According to the information of the Meteorological Department, there will be a change in the situation with rain continuing in various places in the state from 20th.

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