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Diphtheria is causing concern; 21 Infectious detection, advice to wear a mask

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Diphtheria infection is spreading in some districts of Odisha. So far, 21 cases have been detected from 3 districts, 5 of them have died, and one is in serious condition.

However, while 15 people have been identified from Rayagada, one from Koraput Tungaon, 4 to 5 suspected diphtheria have been identified from Kalahandi. Their samples have been sent to District Head Hospital and RMRC for testing.

The condition of patients diagnosed with Koraput gunshot wounds is critical. He has been admitted to Berhampur MKCG Medical Center. A special team is monitoring his health, the Director of Public Health informed. The infected person from Kalahandi has been shifted to Bhavanipatna hospital. The situation in Rayagada is now stable.

Public Health Director Dr. Nilakantha Mishra said that this infection can be eradicated by antibiotics. Since it is an airborne disease, people should wear masks. On the other hand, a booster dose will be given from tomorrow to fight diphtheria. Director of Family Welfare Dr. sanjukta Sahu informed.

He said, Penta dose will be given to a one-year-old child and TD dose will be given to 5 to 15-year-olds. Surveillance is ongoing, antibiotics are given if symptomatic. After surveillance is done, booster dose will be given in infected areas.

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