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Alka, suffering from a rare disease, has lost her hearing

Sarojini Bishi

Mumbai: There is a big news about famous musician Alka Yagnik, who sang many popular songs of the 90s. In fact, the singer is suffering from a rare disease. He has lost his hearing since the disease. Alka herself has given this information by posting on her social media account Instagram. Now hearing about Alka’s problem, her fans and other celebrities have also wished her a speedy recovery.

Alka took to her Instagram account to inform about the disease and appealed to all her publishers and other singers not to give too much sound to the song. Alka writes in her poster that a few days ago, when I got off the plane, I suddenly felt that I could not hear anything. Then I consulted the doctor. But I could not so easily admit to not being heard. After a lot of courage I am finally making this clear to my fans.

After consulting the doctor, it was found that the rare neuro nerve hearing loss has occurred. The doctor said that this happened because of a virus. I am completely stunned for such a sudden incident. Please pray for me until I am fully healed. Also I request my fans to please avoid loud music. Alka advised to avoid excessive use of headphones.

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