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Expensive overs in T20 Internationals

Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: West Indies defeated Afghanistan by 104 runs in the last league match of the T20 World Cup in Chile. Nicholls Puran collected 36 runs in the over of Azmatullah Omerzai in this match. While he hit a six in the first ball, the second ball was a no-ball for 4 and the next ball was a wide for 5 runs. He hit a 0 in the second ball, a leg-bye in the third ball, a four in the 4th ball, a six in the 5th ball and a six in the sixth ball. 36 runs were spent in one over for the fourth time in international cricket. India’s Yuvraj Singh hit 6 sixes off Stuart Broad’s over in the 2007 World Cup. It has cost overs in T20 World Cup and international matches.

In 2021, West Indies’ Kieron Pollard hit 6 sixes in Sri Lanka’s Akila Dhananjay’s over. Similarly, India’s Rinku Singh and Rohit Sharma collected 36 runs in one over in the match against Afghanistan played on January 17 this year. After Rohit hit a four on the no ball, he hit a six on the remaining 2 balls. Legal scored 1 run in the third ball. After that Riku was struck in the last 3 balls. In the match against Qatar, Deependra Singh of Nepal hit 6 sixes in the over of Kamran Shaw of Qatar.

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