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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Modi urged voters to vote in record numbers ahead of the second phase of polling. In a post on social media, PM Modi said, “I humbly request the voters of all the constituencies to cast a record number of votes in the second phase of the Lok Sabha elections today.” The more votes, the stronger our democracy will be. I request the young voters of the country and the women of the country to come forward with great enthusiasm to participate in this great festival of democracy and cast their votes. Your vote is your voice.

According to the information, voting for 88 seats in 13 states and union territories is going on today in the second phase of Lok Sabha elections. In this phase, the fate of 1,202 candidates including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Om Birla and Hema Malini from BJP will be tested. Voting has started from 7 am. In this phase, 1.67 lakh polling stations have been arranged while more than 16 lakh polling officers have been appointed. The Election Commissioner said that more than 15.88 crore voters will exercise their right to vote in this phase. There are 8.08 crore male and 7.8 crore female voters. Similarly, there are 5,929 third gender voters and 34.8 lakh new voters.

In this second phase, polling will be held in all 20 Lok Sabha seats of Kerala. Similarly, 14 seats in Karnataka, 13 seats in Rajasthan, 8 seats each in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, 5 seats each in Assam and Bihar, 3 seats each in Chhattisgarh and West Bengal and one seat each in Manipur, Tripura and Jammu-Kashmir. In this phase, Rahul Gandhi from Bayanad in Kerala, Shashi Tharoor of Congress from Thiruvananthapuram, Hema Malini from Mathura, Bhupesh Baghel from Rajnandgaon, DK from Bengaluru. Suresh and Bengaluru will determine the fate of Tejasvi Surya from the south.

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