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What Sebayat learned from yesterday’s incident: Gajapati

Sarojini Bishi

Puri: Badthakur collapse incident. Gajapati Maharaja has responded after the management meeting. What happened shocked everyone. Sebayat has learned what to learn from yesterday’s incident. Gajapati Maharaj said that he will take care not to repeat the incident.

Gajapati Maharaj also said, “They are doing more service during Pahandi and on chariots.” This will be discussed in detail after Niladri BJD. There will be a special discussion about this in the management committee meeting. Gajapati Maharaj has informed that a decision will be taken to prevent this from happening in the upcoming ride.

It is worth noting that Lord Balabhadra fell down on the charmal during the worshiping of Adop Mandap yesterday. The young servicemen are being blamed for this. On the other hand, according to a serviceman who was injured in the accident, there are more serviceman than necessary on the train. Such an accident has occurred because of more services. He made a big complaint that the servants whose students are not in service are coming and studying.

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