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US president race: Biden reiterated that he will be a candidate

Sarojini Bishi

New York: US President Joe Biden reiterated on Monday that he will not withdraw from the presidential election. He is convinced that he is “the best person to defeat Donald Trump in 2024”.

Joe Biden said in a statement to his fellow Democrats that despite all the speculation in the media and elsewhere, he will stay in the race until the end and is firmly committed to defeating his Republican opponent, Donald Trump. After the news of Biden’s illness came out, it was rumored that Vice President Kamala Harris could be a candidate for this position.

Biden also said that in the last 10 days, he has had extensive discussions with the leaders of the Democratic Party and voters. He is impressed by their support. He also claimed that he is the frontrunner in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination.

We had a democratic nominating process and the voters clearly and decisively reiterated their opinion. I got more than 14 million votes. That is 87 percent voting in the entire nomination process. “I have about 3900 delegates, which makes me the potential candidate of our party,” said Biden.

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