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Sarojini Bishi

Puri: The chariot industry is busy due to the construction of chariots. For the chariot ride of the Srijivas, three times the akh work has been adapted, while the Vishwakarma have started making the akh. Yesterday, 16 out of 42 wheels of three chariots were made. By the end of the work today, the construction of two more wheels of the three chariots has reached the final stage. Today is the holy shrine Bhonari Tithi. According to the rules, six wheels of three chariots will be drawn on this day.

The Maharana servants have completed the 8 pinds for the preparation of the wheel, and then completed the connection by joining the three chariots. After the cat has been killed, the fight continues. As it is not possible to build more wheels due to the lack of space in the carriages, a suitable place is being searched for. According to tradition, on Bhanori Tithi today, the wheels constructed after the wheel and axle dera policy will be brought out to the designated place according to the rules.

It will be connected before the arrival of Lord’s commandments on the day of Shrekshetra Bhonari. On the other hand, preparations have been started on the day of June 22 for the Lord’s Bath Purnima. After Snanapurnima, because of Mahaprabhu’s unsar policy, the materials required for Guptaniti have been collected by the administration of Shree Temple. 3 quintals from Tigiria-Nuapatna area have reached the office of Basungapat Shree Temple. This is why Nuapatna tasar businessmen were arrested. This Basungapat has been handed over to the administrative officer.

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