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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: Museums are the best way to learn about history. It is through this that present and future generations can learn about our history. Today is May 18, which means International Museum Day. However, this year the theme of International Museum Day is “Museums for Education and Research”. So do you know when and how this day started? What is the purpose of celebrating International Museum Day?

Every year May 18th is celebrated as International Museum Day. The purpose of celebrating this special day is to inform the society about the importance of the museum. The International Council of Museums started this day in 1977. Since then, this day has been celebrated every year. The museum preserves many memories. Museums play an important role in preserving history.

It holds many memories of ancestors. Which contributes a lot to future generations. The most important thing is that some memories of the past are still neglected, neglected and destroyed in some places. This day gives the message to unite them and come forward for its protection. Museums are not just big buildings, nor are they boundless. It has become an important means of cultural exchange, cultural enrichment and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among people.

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