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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: Congress Lok Sabha candidate Kanhaiya Kumar was attacked in North East Delhi while he was campaigning. Kanhaiya was attacked and beaten up in the name of garlanding her. The video of which is going viral.

Along with this, the miscreants also abused the Aam Aadmi Party’s women’s council member, Goram Sharma. He has complained to the police. The thugs dragged the sal that fell on his body. Then threatened her husband. 4 women including Kanhaiya were also injured in all the incidents.

According to the police, after the meeting, Chhaya Sharma came to Kanhaiya Kumar to meet him. At this time, some miscreants came and slapped Kanhaiya’s ankles on the pretext of garlanding him. Along with this, he also abused and threatened Chhaya  Sharma.

The young man who attacked Kanhaiya Kumar is Daksha Chowdhury. After this incident, Daksha also released a video. In this video, he said, “Khaneya who shouted slogan ‘Bharat will be in pieces’ said, Afzal we are ashamed, your killer is alive,” we both responded by slapping him.

Daksha Chowdhury also said, “As long as Sanatan is alive like us, no one can break India into pieces.” Another person who was present at the meeting said that anyone who calls Indian soldiers rapists will not be allowed to enter Delhi. Daksha further said, I checked what I said and discussed it well with him.

It is worth noting that Kanhaiya Kumar has been a candidate for India Mentor from North East Delhi Lok Sabha seat. He is fighting against BJP’s two-time MP Manoj Tiwari.

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