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This food is no less than poison; Be careful while eating

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: If your mouth is watering after seeing Pani Puri or momo on the street, be careful. This street food can be very harmful for you. It can even make your body sick.

Cheap sauces are used in Manchurian, chili paneer, chili mushroom, etc. dishes. In which bad colors and chemicals are added. The oil used in it is also bad. Similarly, you will find Pani puri lovers in every corner of the country. Tap water sold on the roadside may contain countless bacteria. Also, it cannot be guaranteed that the hand of the person who is selling Pani Puri will be clean.

If you are eating momo outside, you must be careful. Cabbage used in veggie momo often contains worms, which are harmful to your body. Similarly, there have been reports of many people falling ill after eating non-veg momo chutney. Fruits are good for health, but cut fruits on the side of the road can make you sick. Flies sit on cut fruits sold on the roadside, which is very harmful to the body.

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