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Rolling stock, three times 42 wheel construction completed

Sarojini Bishi

Puri: Thursday was a busy day in the process of making the chariot. The main Vishwakarma face was decorated with a pin and the bar of the chariot was decorated at Baddand. And the last horn of the three chariots is ready in the yard. The world famous announcement of the Lord on July 7th. The closer the ride gets, the faster the train moves. Construction of 42 wheels has been completed three times.

Similarly, in the progress of the construction of the chariot, a total of 21 axles of the three chariots have been completed. After the completion of the construction of the three chariots, the front and the rear two sides will be worshiped according to the faces and the work of pinning will begin. In addition, after worshiping the five pillars of the three chariots, the work of covering the bars will begin. On the other hand, the servants have already beaten 672 in 42 months. In addition, the members of the Rath Construction Study Committee went around the Rath Khala to study the work.

Today Nandighosh Rath will be worshiped by the five members of the Chariot. Vishwakarma Maharana said that 21 axles and 42 wheels of three chariots will be completed and the wheel axles will be connected before winter. Similarly, the work of decorating the corners of the chariot shaft continues. The sculpture of lion is being carved by the sculptor’s servants.

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