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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: An awareness campaign has been launched by the Department of Scheduled Tribes and Caste Development, Minorities and Backward Classes Welfare about good and bad touch to teenagers. Of the more than 5 lakh inmates in about 5,800 dormitories of Odisha’s 1,736 scheduled tribe and caste residential schools, more than 50 percent are girls. This campaign has been launched by giving priority to the safety of girls especially after going home for summer vacation. Experts who work to solve such problems in adolescents often point out that close family friends, even relatives, do bad things that cause harm to young children.

“We have developed a clear strategy of focus through our ‘Shruti Batayana’ and ‘My Design’ meetings to consider this strategy,” says Rupa Roshan Sahu, Commissioner and Secretary, Department of Scheduled Tribes and Caste Development, Minorities and Backward Classes Welfare. An idea given by our own staff at the Public Relations initiative. Considering these strategies can be a key factor in supervising girls this summer and raising awareness of good and bad touch.

Depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, etc., affect students’ thoughts, feelings and daily activities like eating, sleeping and studying. With this in mind, matrons assigned to girls’ hostels are trained in “life skills” and how to deal with sensitive issues such as behavioral change among teenagers, early marriage, teenage pregnancy, peer pressure/relationship management, gender discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment, academic performance pressure and social responsibility. Training is given on how to solve it. In addition, the department will assign trained matrons under its “Telephonic Counseling” program to review girls’ health and mental status during vacations, sensitively identify and address problems, provide age-appropriate counseling, and adopt positive behaviors. This initiative will motivate teenagers in a meaningful way and also prevent incidents and accidents.

The main objective of this campaign is to educate girls about their safety while away from hostels during vacations and inform them that if they are not careful and aware, rape, sexual assault and teenage pregnancy can become a social problem.

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