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Sarojini Bishi

Kolkata: Addressing a public meeting in West Bengal’s Barrackpore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi directly targeted the grassroots Congress. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has given 5 guarantees. Modi said, “They are talking about repealing the CAA, but today, whether it is the TMC, the Congress or the India Alliance, I am giving a big blow to each of them, and I am giving five guarantees to Bengal.”

Modi said, “As long as Modi is there, no reservation will be given on the basis of religion.” No one can end the reservation of SC, ST and OBC. No one can stop you from celebrating Ram Nivvi and worshiping Lord Ram. As long as Modi is there, no one can reverse the Supreme Court’s decision on Ram Temple. No one will even be able to repeal the CAA.

PM Modi further said, “Can this great country of ours be handed over to TMC, Congress and Leftists?” TMC leaders said that Hindus will be drowned in Bhagirathi river. Where did he come from such a noble courage. They have made Hindus as second citizens here. Even the SC, ST and OBC communities have taken away all the protection system. They even say that this reservation should be given entirely to Muslims. Prime Minister Modi said that I will never do that.

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