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Sarojini Bishi

Malkangari: Voting for the great festival of democracy has started in Odisha. While the polling process has started in Malkangari, the start of polling has been delayed in some places due to EVM malfunction. Polling has been delayed due to malfunction of the EVM control unit at Booth No. 63 of the Bengali Primary School Polling Center in Malkangari Similarly, voting has been delayed in booth no. 66 in Kumutiguda. Malkangiri Municipal Council’s Bibiguda booth also has an EVM error.

Similarly, there was a delay in voting in booth 89 of Khadianal Lohrapali of Nuapada Constituency. There is a delay in polling due to malfunction of the IMM machine here. Polling has been delayed in Booth No. 72 of Podapally. Similarly, during the mock poll at Booth No. 85 in Matapaka, there was an error in Vivipat. The Sector Officer changed the VVPAT and started voting. The officials present have taken steps in this regard.

Due to malfunction of EVM machine in booth number 139 in Adamas polling center of Koraput constituency, polling has been delayed. In Kalahandi Bhawanipatna, polling has not started in booth no. 104, 106, 105 due to malfunction of EVM machine. This has created dissatisfaction of the voters.

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