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Relief received from heat, Dubila Twin City in heavy rains

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Due to Kala Baisakhi, we have got relief from the unbearable heat and cold. Kala Baisakhi’s effects were felt in various parts of the state, including the Twin Cities, yesterday. It has been raining in various areas including the capital. The Twin Cities have recovered from an unbearable summer. Bhubaneswar and Cuttack were drenched in heavy rain with thunder. The rain started at 9:30 pm and continued till late night.

Heavy lightning and thunder accompanied the rain in the capital due to Kala Baishakhi effect. The tree fell on the road. Many areas were flooded. Water has entered people’s houses in some places. Traffic was affected due to knee-high water running on the roads. Water has entered some people’s houses. On the Shiripur-Jagmara road, the water was flowing so strongly that the vehicle was in a state of being washed away.

In the same way, water flowed in front of the assembly. A huge tree fell in Chandrasekharpur Sreevihar due to heavy rains. Before the traffic was disrupted, the employees of Chandrasekharpur Damkal Center arrived and cleared the road by cutting the fallen trees with gas cutters.

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