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The mother pushed the children into the water tank and jump herself, 4 children died

Sarojini Bishi

Jaipur: love of dead mother. The mother jump into the water tank with her 4 cubs. Such a rare incident happened in Badmera, Rajasthan. It is known that a woman tried to commit suicide after drowning her 4 children in a water tank. The incident is said to have taken place due to a family dispute.

According to information, while the husband of a woman was working as a laborer in Badmera district of Rajasthan, there was always a fight between the two. The woman has 4 children aged 5 to 11 years. The woman was overwhelmed by a family dispute.
To get rid of the conflict, the woman decided to kill her 4 children and lose her life.

Then the woman went up to the roof and threw her babies one after the other into the water tank. Then the mother herself jumped into the said tank. After some time, the family members and friends came to know about this and immediately rescued everyone and admitted them to the hospital. But there the doctor declared 4 babies dead. The condition of the woman is critical and she has been admitted to the hospital. The police reached the spot and started investigating the incident.

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