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Sarojini Bishi

Bengaluru: Bengaluru Rameswaram cafe blast incident. The investigation of the NIA team is continuing. On Wednesday, NIA’s Lucknow unit force raided Maulana’s house in Dhowratanda. Maulana was not at home during the attack. The team picked him up from a religious place. From there, he was brought to the Veshapura police station. After 5 hours of questioning in the police station, the investigation team left.

According to information, a team of NIA Lucknow unit raided Maulana Muhammad Umair’s house along with Naib Tehsildar of Vaishapura police station and Dhowratanda outpost to investigate the Bangalore blasts. But Maulana was not found at home during the raid. The police took Maulana’s father Muhammad Shoaib and reached a religious place in Dhowratanda. From there, the team brought Maulana directly to the police station. The interrogation continued for about five hours at the Vejaspura police station.

However, on the day of the incident, Maulana Muhammad Umair was praying in a religious place in Bengaluru. Maulana Muhammad Umair left Bengaluru after the bomb blast. He was preparing to go abroad from Hauratanda. After receiving the news, the Karnataka NIA team directed the Lucknow unit to conduct further investigations on Maulana Umair. Later, the Lucknow NIA team searched for Maulana for the past few days and finally he was caught. However, after questioning Maulana, the police said that no final facts could be found. After questioning, the police released Maulana and the team conducted further investigation.

According to information, it is worth noting that on March 1, there was a huge blast in the afternoon at Rameswaram Cafe in Bengaluru. Although no one was killed in this incident, 10 people were injured. After that the police and FSL team reached the spot and started investigation. During the investigation, the CCTV was checked and one of the accused was found in the CCTV. A bag full of explosives was found on his shoulder.

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