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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there is a threat to Odisha’s identity and language, there is a big political discussion about it in the state politics. Which is indirectly aimed at IAS officer and BJD leader VK Pandian.

However, he said to the national media Times of India, “Such criticism of Pandian may be adverse to BJD, pointing out the minimal efforts of the BJP government in promoting the orthodox culture and honoring the local legends.”

Considered as the possible successor of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Pandian expressed his agreement with Naveen’s values. He believes that the youth of Odisha share this. Pandian said in an interview that the Chief Minister himself said that the decision of his succession depends on the people of Odisha.

The BJP has already pulled out of the talks with the BJD, expressing concern about the identity and glory of Orthodoxy and labeling Tamil Nadu Pandians as outsiders.

In response, Pandian highlighted Naveen’s role in giving Odia the status of a classical language and raised questions about BJP’s contribution in promoting it. Pandian said that the people of Odisha will decide his place in the end.

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