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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: What is the money transaction for the ticket? Are the candidates paid by the leader? Are tickets of eligible candidates being cut for money? Why are there frequent complaints of money deals for tickets? In the 24th election, the ticket deal is rising and falling. Candidates are making direct complaints against the party and its leaders after the ticket is cut. Money behind the ticket, how true the allegations are, how many lies.

Black shaking in the BJP!

BJP left, exploded. Kalu Khudayatharay has left the BJP without getting a ticket from Khordha. After leaving the party, MP Aparajita Shadangi has expressed his displeasure. Bhubaneswar MP Khordha asked for Rs 2 crore for the ticket. Kalu Khudayataray has openly accused Prashant Jagadev of selling the ticket to avoid paying the money. Khordha has shown strength in the name of Swaviman gathering with thousands of supporters in Malipada. Kalu said that he will go from house to house to campaign for the loss of Aparajita.

Billions of deals for tickets!

Kailash Kulesika, former MLA of Lakshmipur, came into the limelight with explosive statements against BJD. He directly complained that Prabhu Jani had taken the ticket from BJD by paying money. Lakshmipur said that a deal of 5 to 6 crore rupees has been made for the ticket. Even instead of tickets, BJD told him that Kulesika, who was checking the position, offered him a crore of rupees. He came to BJD on the promise of a ticket, but he alleged that the party cheated him for a money deal. After joining BJP, Kulesika is contesting Lakshmipur Assembly on a party ticket.

Gomer opened the door!

Shishir Gamang complained that Congress tickets were being given for money. Shishir openly expressed his displeasure after not giving a Congress ticket to anyone from his family. He alleged that the Congress has played a game in its candidate list. Shishir Gamang was aspirant for Congress ticket from Nabarangpur Lok Sabha seat. However, after he was denied a ticket to someone from his entire family, he alleged that insider dealing was going on in the Congress.

Money deal for tickets!

Not only Shishir Gamang, there have been many complaints about the Congress ticket deal for taking money. Ashai Sharat Chandra Buruda brought a big complaint from Chittagong assembly seat. Sharat said that he asked him 40 lakh rupees in exchange for party ticket. He said that his ticket was canceled because he did not pay the money. Mangu Khil has been a candidate from Congress in Chittagong Assembly. Disappointment of missing tickets or really a deal going on for tickets? Before the 24th election, such allegations have stirred up the state politics.

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