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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Nayagarh has been the stronghold of BJD for the last 24 years. BJD’s Tanua leader Arun Sahu has been winning from Nayagarh for the last four times. But this time the equation has change in Nayagarh. BJP leader Irani Ray who fought against Arun in 2019 is now in BJD. Rani Pratyusha Rajeshwari Singh is the BJP candidate in Field to fight Arun. The party’s district president Ranjit Das has been nominated from the Congress.

Irani Ray, who gave a good fight to Arun Sahu in the last election, has joined the BJD. In the last election, Irani got about 43 percent of votes and increased BJP’s vote by 37 percent. Being involved in Irani BJD, who is the face of Nayagarh BJP, can benefit Arun. If the BJP votes are divided, it will be easy for BJD to win. If the Congress gets more votes and the BJP succeeds in keeping the party votes, then there will be a fierce fight.

Arun Vs Rani

Nayagarh has been an unassailable stronghold of BJD for the last 2 decades. Arun, who came from student politics to state politics, made a big move by getting Irani to join BJD even before the election. However, the Rani is active in the arena to stop Arun’s victory chariot. Although Pratyusha was contesting assembly elections for the first time, he was not new to politics. Her husband Hemendra Singh Kandhamal was elected MP. After Hemendra’s death, Pratyusha won the by-election from Kandhamal Lok Sabha seat. So Pratusha is trying to change the course of Nayagarh politics with Modi Lahar.

Development vs. Change

Arun Sahu is preparing a strategy for victory for the fifth time based on the development plan of the Naveen government. Arun himself is actively campaigning in the constitution. BJD’s number two star campaigner VK Pandian has asked for votes for him. While Arun is winning continuously, this time in Nayagarh, Pratusha has raised the slogan of change. BJP Chanakya Amit Shah has come down to field for him. Shah has targeted the state government for looting the key to the treasure.

Nayagarh effect on Puri

Puri Lok Sabha Constitution comes under Niagara Assembly seat. So the fate of the Puri Lok Sabha candidate may depend on who the voters will turn to in Nayagarh. Arun Sahu has good organization in Niagara. However, the opposition dragged Arun to Kathagarh in the murder case. Although the police investigation has given him a clean chit, the effect of the incident on the voters remains to be seen. Pratyusha may take advantage of the anti-government movement in the state. On the other hand, Mati’s son Ranjit Das, the Congress candidate, raised slogans in field. How many votes will Ranjith win when the Congress votes are continuously decreasing? .

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