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In Visakhapatnam, a grand procession is held

Sarojini Bishi

Visakhapatnam: A sacred procession has been organized by the temple management committee of the Jagannath temple located in Daspalla hills of Visakhapatnam. On this occasion, after the ritual worship of the choirs, Pandi was distributed. First Sudarshan, then his elder brother Balabhadra, then Devi Subhadra and finally Shri Jagannath, the Nath of the world, were escorted to a beautiful and well-decorated chariot, which was placed on a large pillar in front of the temple. Later, in the presence of devotees, the procession started. Devotees dragged the chariot to Mausi Ma temple in Lawsons, 5 kilometers away.

This year, local Marwari Youth Forum and Punjab Union Sakriya cooperation in organizing the announcement. The temple management committee president Jitendra Kumar Naik, general editor Bimal Kumar Mahant, vice-president Dr. Karunakar Padhi and members Vijay Mohapatra, Rajendra Prasad Sahu, Banmali Sahu and Arun Das took major roles in organizing the entire event smoothly.

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