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In the event of vote, the old man’s life is gone

Sarojini Bishi

Balesore: Come to vote, life is gone. Such an incident has been seen in Nilgiri of Balasore district. An old man died in the booth while coming to vote.

According to the information, the old man collapsed in the booth after coming to vote. A 77-year-old man came to vote at booth No. 159 in Nilgiri Ishwarpur. The old man fell unconscious inside the booth.

Later he was admitted to the medical center. But the doctor declared him dead there. It is assumed that this happened due to unbearable heat and gunfire.

The last phase of voting is going on in the state. Voting has started in 6 Lok Sabha and 42 assembly seats of the state. While there are 66 candidates for the Lok Sabha, 394 candidates are fighting for the Assembly. The people choose their leaders. Voting has started from 7 am.

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