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2 groups clash during polling in Konark

Sarojini Bishi

Puri: The final phase of vote continues in Odisha. In addition, political violence has been seen during polling in some places. 2 groups were killed during polling in Konark.

It contains information that one person has been injured. 2 groups have been arrested in GOP Block No. 41 booth. One person got hurt in the head. It has been reported that the injured person has been admitted to the medical center.

On the other hand, the EVM is not functioning in booth No. 41 of the GOP block in Konark. There are reports that the EVMs are out of order in half of the polls. Voting has been disrupted as EVMs are not working.

On the other hand, people are standing in long lines in unbearable heat. Similarly, EVM errors have occurred in some places today. As a result, there has been a lot of delay in polling while there has been dissatisfaction among the voters.

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