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Fake matric certificate racket, crime branch arrested one more

Sarojini Bishi

Koraput: Odisha Crime Branch Team succeeded in busting fake matric certificate racket. Another person was arrested on the charge of getting a job with a fake certificate. Crime Branch arrested Chanda Charan Sahu, who was working as a rural postman in Koraput. After his arrest, he was sent to the Jaipur court.

According to information, this person was working as a rural postal worker with a fake matric certificate. The postal department officer complained in Jaipur police station on April 5 last year. Senior Superintendent Post Office Koraput Division Jaipur filed a complaint in Jaipur police station. Koraput police investigated on the basis of the complaint. Later, the crime branch started investigating the case. However, during the criminal investigation, it was found that a big racket was working behind such fake certificates.

Earlier, the crime branch had arrested a total of seven people in the case of making such certificates and dealing in this racket. Now Chanda Charan Sahu, who used this fake certificate, has been arrested and prosecuted. According to information, such a rocket was launched in Balangir before. There is information that the crime branch has arrested 20 people in the case of obtaining such fake certificates.

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