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Lakshmidhar Biswal, state president of Village peole Association, stood up for Pandian

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: BJD has suffered a shameful defeat in the state. In this context, Lakshmidhar Biswal, the state president of the Village peole Association, stood up for Pandian.

When VK Pandian pushed the future of thousands of villagers into darkness, the people of Odisha responded by voting. All the evil plans of Pandian have been blocked by the people of Odisha. With this, the union welcomes the BJP government in Odisha.

n this occasion, the state president of Village peole Association Lakshmidhar Biswal was found beheaded at Ram Temple in Bhubaneswar today. With this he shared the pleasures.

Earlier, on the day of the announcement of the election results, after the big victory of the BJP, the union performed pujacharchan at the Ram temple. They said that the interests of the village companions will be given special attention in the BJP government.

It is worth noting that the popular IAS couple in the BJ government is VK Pandian and his wife Sujata Karthikeyan Pandian. Now VK Pandian has announced his retirement from politics, while Sujatha Karthikeyan Pandian is on a 6-month long vacation.

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