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Facebook and Instagram suddenly closed, no account login

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New Delhi: Facebook and Instagram will not work after 9 pm on Tuesday. Such problems have arisen all over the world, including India. Everyone’s Facebook account has been automatically logged out. It is clear that now Facebook is not even logging in. According to Down Detector, the problem started after 8.30pm and is still ongoing.

On the other hand, like Facebook, Meta’s Instagram is also not working. Even when opening Instagram, the account is not referred. People are panicking about their Facebook Insta account being hacked. Because of which people keep posting on X (Twitter). X is now trending #facebookdown, #instagramdown, #meta and #MarkZuckerberg. Users are also giving funny responses along with their complaints.

Downdetector, which monitors server downs around the world, shows more than 90,000 reports of Facebook downs. Instagram has more than 16,000 reports. No statutory information has been given by META in this regard and no information has been given as to when this problem will be resolved. Cyber experts believe that this problem will be solved soon.

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