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Sarojini Bishi

Sambalpur: Diarrhea is spreading in Hirakud area of Sambalpur district. A total of 27 people have been admitted to the medical center while one person has died due to diarrhea. Five of them are in critical condition. They have been shifted to Burla Vimsar.

It is assumed that he vomited after drinking contaminated water. The number of people affected by Hirakud Kalupada, Gaudapada, Gurudwara and New Market Pada is increasing. The mobile health unit is currently monitoring the situation. The district chief medical officer has given a report to the district governor about the spread of diarrhea. According to the information issued by the health department, diarrhea is spreading due to drinking water. The water is not being treated at the treatment plant. Drinking water samples have been collected from about 4 places and sent

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