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And wait for some time, the luck of the beggar will be revealed

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: All expectations will be fulfilled. And wait for some time. Open EVM Pedi. It is the key to the luck of the candidates who will open with it. Who will wear the crown of victory? Hope is a leader in fear. Who will form the government at the center? Who will occupy the power in Odisha? The results of Odisha assembly elections including Lok Sabha will be announced today. Counting will begin at the counting center from 8 am. First the postal ballots will be counted and then the EVMs will be counted.

Votes will be counted in 70 centers. Votes of more than two crore people will be counted.EVMs will be counted in 69 and postal ballots will be counted in 1. Count on 14 tables for each seat. 18 to 19 rounds will be counted. Counting of votes will start at 8 am. Complete details and results of vote counting will be available on ECI website and voter helpline app. All election related information can be viewed by downloading Voter Helpline App from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

On the other hand, all preparations for the counting of votes have been completed. Additional 115 Company Force CPF has been issued. A three-tier system has been adopted for counting 69 strongrooms and one postal ballot. The CPF force is in charge of the inner cordon. Similarly, power backup has been arranged. So there is no worry of power cut. However, mobile phones have been banned inside the counting center. And special arrangements have been made for the media.

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