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BJP opened the account before counting, BJP MP candidate Mukesh Dalal won in a landslide

Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: The end of all defenses has happened. Opened EVM Pedi. Counting of votes has started. Counting of votes has started and majority vote is in favor of BJP. On the other hand, BJP has won one seat without any vote. BJP MP candidate Mukesh Dalal has won from Surat in Gujarat.

Gujarat’s Surat Lok Sabha candidate Mukesh Dalal has been elected without voting. BJP candidate Mukesh Dalal won in a landslide as the Election Commission rejected the candidature of the opposing Congress candidate and withdrew the nomination of 8 other candidates. It was expected that BSP candidate Pierel Bharti would not withdraw his nomination. But at the last moment he also surrendered to Mukesh Dalal. This is the first success of BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Dalal is the first MP in the history of Surat to be elected unopposed. Congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani is at the doorstep of the High Court, but no update has come out yet. In such a situation, Mukesh Dalal has won after the deadline for withdrawal of nomination papers.

According to the information received, Nilesh Kambhani, the Congress candidate from Surat, was unable to submit 3 nominations to the election officer. As a result, the election officer rejected his nomination letter. As a result, the BJP has won unopposed in Surat and has opened its account in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

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