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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi; The bank will be open on March 31. The Reserve Bank of India has given an order. As this is the last day of this financial year, all banks will be open on 31st March even though it is a Sunday. The information has been given by NY RBI on social media platform ‘X’. Transactions occurring up to the end of the financial year should be registered in that year. So the letter sent to all the banks to act states.

According to the information, the last day of the financial year 2023-24 is March 31. All bank branches will remain open on March 31 to mark the last day of the financial year. Meanwhile, Income Tax Department and GST Office will be open on Saturday and Sunday for the convenience of people before the end of the financial year. This will make it easier for people to file income tax returns and GST returns. However, the income tax department itself has decided to keep all the offices open. Along with Good Friday holiday, Saturday and Sunday holidays have also been canceled by the department.

It is worth noting that RBI has published the list of bank holidays for the year 2024. In addition to many festival holidays occurring in different states, the second and third Saturdays and Sundays were also included. According to this, in the month of March, the banks were closed for 14 days.

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