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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: 21 retired judges wrote a letter to the Chief Justice. Letters of 21 retired judges of Supreme Court and High Court. It is alleged that some of the ministers are doing this out of concern that efforts are being made to weaken the judiciary.

Among those who wrote this letter, there are 17 former judges of the High Court and four former judges of the Supreme Court. Those doing so are trying to weaken the judiciary and undermine public confidence in the justice system for narrow political interests and personal gains, the letter said. It is mentioned in the letter that efforts are being made to spoil the image of the judiciary by applying pressure.

It is worth noting that the retired judges did not give details about these incidents. However, this letter has been written at a time when the ruling BJP and the opposition are in a war of words regarding the action against the leader of the opposition party in the corruption case.

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