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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: The Sonepur election situation is in full swing. Sonepur is the stronghold of Niranjan Pujari, the heavyweight leader of BJD. Sonali Bishi, an independent candidate, is challenging Niranjan, a friend of the BJP and the Congress. Who will Sonepur choose in a four-way fight? Will Sonali spoil the equation? Will the math turn around Shah’s hunka?

BJD can save the city?

Sonepur has been the stronghold of BJD for 15 years. Niranjan Pujari has won 2 times from Binika and 3 times from Sonepur. This time the defense of the fortress can be a challenge for Niranjan. In the last three times, the BJP vote has been increasing continuously in the assembly constituency. In West Odisha, Modi Lahar may hinder Niranjan’s victory. However, BJD leader Niranjan Naveen is promoting the development of the government as a weapon. BJP in Shah’s roar

It was in Sonepur that BJP’s Chanakya Amit Shah blew the whistle of the campaign. It is clear that the BJP wants to break Niranjan’s victory. Naveen is contesting from Kantabanji under Balangir Lok Sabha constituency. So Shah countered from Sonepur. Last time BJP won 5 to 5 Lok Sabha seats in West Odisha. The outcome of the assembly was not encouraging. So this time the party has also focused on the Assembly. On the other hand, the enthusiasm of Sonepur BJP has increased after Shah’s appeal.

New election, old fight

Pramod Mohapatra is a BJP candidate from Sonepur for the 24th election. Niranjan and Pramod faced each other in 2014 Niranjan lost to Pramod by more than 51 thousand votes. Last time BJP nominated Ashok Pujari. This time again Pramod has given hope. Sonepur politics has changed a lot in the last 10 years. So in the fight between the two veteran leaders, anything can happen. On the other hand, Congress has nominated Priyabrata Sahu as a new face.

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