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Vigilance raid at Khadpada Tehsildar’s house

Sarojini Bishi

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Nayagarh: Vigilance raid at Khandpada Tehsildar’s house. Vigilance raided the house of Tahsildar Dhobi Nayak late at night. The Tehsil employee was caught while taking a bribe of 20 thousand rupees. A raid is going on after the arrest of an employee of the tehsil. The ride is going on in the residences at Nayagarh Bhapur and Bhubaneswar.

According to the information received, Khandpada tehsildar Dhobi Nayak was collecting bribe money through Dalal. After the arrest of broker Prasanna Sahu yesterday, Tehsildar Dhobi Nayak opened the mouth of bribery. After that, the vigilance raided the Tahsildar’s house.

Vigilance raided the house of Tahsildar Dhobi late at night. Tahsildar’s Bhapur and Bhubaneswar houses are being raided. Vigilance teams from Nayagada and Bhubaneswar have been involved in this raid.

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