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Today is an urgent meeting of the leaders of India Ment’s allies

Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: After India Mentor’s unexpected success in the Lok Sabha elections, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi held a press conference at the party office in Delhi on Tuesday. He said, it is clear from the results that the country no longer wants Modi-Shah. This fight was a fight to protect the constitution. In the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has failed to achieve the magic number of 272, while it is the single largest party.

On the other hand, an urgent meeting of the leaders of India Mint’s allies has been called on Wednesday. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday that a request will be made to take Mantra’s former allies United Janata Dal (JDU) and Telugu Desam Party together to form the government at the Centre. These 2 parties are now allies of NDA.

Rahul said in a conference that many questions will be discussed in this meeting. We can’t say anything without consulting the partners. The Congress leader said that the decision taken by the council in Wednesday’s meeting will be implemented. The Lok Sabha elections were fought mainly for the protection of the constitution. Rahul said that the poorest and most backward sections of the country have stood up for the protection of the constitution.

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