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Threats to bomb 50 hospitals in Mumbai

Sarojini Bishi

Mumbai: Threats to bomb 50 hospitals in Mumbai. Mumbai police have launched a search after receiving a threatening letter in the mail. Hospital beds and bathrooms have been threatened by miscreants with explosives. BMC office and Hinduja College of Commerce have also been threatened.

On Tuesday, a fraudster sent threatening mail through e-mail. After receiving the threatening e-mail, panic broke out between the BMC officials and the police department. After that, the police conducted a search operation at the hospital, including the BMC headquarters, but nothing suspicious was found. Mumbai Police confirmed that the threatening email was sent using a VPN network. Police said the identity of the sender and the motive behind the threat are still unknown. Mumbai Police is investigating further in this matter. However, earlier there were threats to bomb 41 airports in the country which turned out to be fake.

According to information, more than 50 hospitals including BMC headquarters, Jaslok Hospital, Nadija Hospital, Seven Hills Hospital, Kohinoor Hospital, KM Hospital, JJ Hospital and St. George Hospital have received bomb threats through emails. After that the Mumbai Police was informed in this regard. After receiving the information, the Mumbai Police team reached the spot and started the search operation. The bomb disposal team also reached the spot. However, even after a long search operation, the police did not find anything suspicious from the spot. Mumbai’s VP Road police station is investigating the incident.

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