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Sarojini Bishi

Addis Ababa: In Ethiopia, a woman named Muluwork Ambaw said that she has not received food or drink for 16 years. According to this 26-year-old woman, she has given up food and drink since 10 years. I don’t feel hungry or thirsty. The last time he ate beans. Ambaw said that it is God’s grace not to be hungry. My mother feeds me while going to school, I don’t eat because I don’t feel hungry. Gradually it became a habit. He has not gone to the bathroom for a long time as he does not take food and drink.

After this news was broadcast, the doctors of Addis Ababa examined him. He was found to be healthy. Surprisingly no food or water products were found in his digestive system. Ambaw was given glucose while she was pregnant. Of course, after the birth of the child, she could not breastfeed. If anyone thinks that I am lying then they can know the truth if they stay with me. After this news spread on social media, many people are coming to meet Ambaw.

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