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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Several weathermen have predicted that the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal will take the form of a cyclone. But Sani has already predicted that the threat of storm will be over. It will not become a storm but will become a devastation and move towards Miami. The GFS model paints such a picture. It will not affect Odisha and there is no chance of rain, said the Meteorological Department. Therefore, Bhubaneswar local weather expert advised people not to panic.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, there is a risk of low pressure in the southwest Bay of Bengal on 22nd. It is likely to move in northeast direction at primary level. More condensed and may take the form of precipitation on 24th. The department has given so much information for now. However, this low pressure will condense and take the form of precipitation and then severe precipitation, said Dr. Meteorologist. Sharat Sahu said. But it is not yet clear about which direction it will proceed. The department said that the picture will be clear after two days.

However, if the low pressure area is formed, there is a risk of rain and wind speed of 30 to 40 kmph in coastal Odisha. Among these, the monsoon has touched the eggs. Monsoon weather may touch Odisha during Raja. According to the estimates of the Meteorological Department, this time, the south-west monsoon has reached the coast of Andaman. Monsoon may cross the Kerala coast on June 1. Monsoon air may touch Odisha by June 15th.

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