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The government declared Manipur a state of unrest for 6 months

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Imphal: The government of Manipur declared unrest for the whole of Manipur for 6 months. The government announced this on Wednesday after looking at the law and order situation according to the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

However, 19 police station areas have been excluded from this. In July, Manipur was thrown into turmoil after two schoolboys Phizam Hemjit (20) and Hizam Linthoingamvi (17) went missing and their bodies were later found. A tense situation has been seen in the state. Protests are being held in Imphal and other areas.

Let’s say here, after 5 months, internet service became normal in Manipur on September 23. After some time, the body of the kidnapped school student was found and found online. Due to this, the violence flared up again.

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