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The bulldozers have arrived, Nassau Stadium will be demolished

Sarojini Bishi

New York: In the current ICC T20 World Cup cricket, India has entered the Super Eight after losing to the United States. The match was played at the Nassau International Stadium. According to reports, bulldozers have arrived at the Nassau stadium after the match. Drop in pitches were used in this stadium. Of course, the teams have expressed dissatisfaction with the pitch. A temporary stand with a capacity of 34,000 spectators was built here for the World Cup. Now this stadium will be demolished and done as before.As a result the ground can be used by local residents. The ICC has said that everything except the pitch and the field will be broken. The Drop In Pitch was created by Damion Huff, Head Curator of the Adelaide Oval. The pitch was divided and brought here after a 20-hour journey. However, the use of this pitch has disappointed the ICC. The stadium was empty except for one or two matches.

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