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Sarojini Bishi

Dunguripali: The government has provided sport equipment for the development of sport in every panchayat. Each panchayat has been provided with 2 lakh fifty thousand rupees by the Panchayat Samiti. In it, the materials of cricket, volleyball, football, chess, badminton are given. Anyone can tell by looking at the said sport  how low it is. When little children play with it, it will break, it will tear, and those who see this stuff will say that it is worth fifty thousand. It is widely alleged that a supplier of Tarbha was given responsibility and a big deal was made with them. Also in some villages or panchayats the said game How it is bought and given when there is no ground for it. Without considering where they will play, the required terrain, the game manager and other aspects, such low quality materials are provided by anyone. You should be willing to buy so much money. No one knows the answer to how much or how it happened. Therefore, it is being demanded in various quarters to be investigated by high-level or vigilance.

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