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Sunita Williams in space for the third time

Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: Sunita Williams, the senior astronaut of the American space agency NASA, has started her journey to space again. This is the third space travel of Sunita, 59 years old of Indian descent. Sunita Williams, along with another colleague, went into space for the third time on Wednesday. In addition, both of them made history by becoming the first members to go to the International Space Station in the Boeing Company’s Starliner spacecraft. This has been informed by the American space agency.

Another NASA astronaut, Butch Wilmore, has traveled to space with Sunita. Both Boeing crewed flight test missions have taken off from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida after several delays. In this mission, Sunita flew with NASA astronaut Butch Wilmore in Boeing’s Starline spacecraft. The International Space Center (ISS) is their destination. Will stay there for a week. Then on June 14, they will return from the spacecraft to a remote desert in the western United States. For this, the Starliner vehicle will be reused. In this vehicle they will return to earth.

However, Sunita Williams’ third space mission was postponed on May 7. A few hours before the launch, it was delayed due to a technical glitch. Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams was all set to fly into space for the third time. Sunita Bach was scheduled to fly aboard the new space vehicle Boeing Starliner with Willmore. But a few hours before the launch, the mission has now been suspended due to a technical glitch.

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