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Sanjurani Mishra’s book ‘Smreeti Khei’ is published

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Retired teacher Sanjurani Mishra’s first collection of short stories has been published on the occasion of the holy Rath yatra.

The first part of this compilation contains 22 short stories about the experiences of Lord Jagannath and the second part contains 12 short stories about Sanjurani’s own family life, professional upheavals, fond memories of rural life and various incidents happening around her.

Gaurishkan Mishra presided over the launching ceremony, which began with the hymns of Saraswati Bandana and Jagannath, while literary Abnindra Udgata reviewed the launched book. Dash Benhur, a prominent literary figure, joined the program as the main speaker and highlighted the importance of Jagannath culture and the real meaning of orthodox identity and praised the efforts of the writers. The chief guest, Prasanna Kumar Mishra, in his speech, gave his opinion on the usefulness of such a collection for the next generation, and lecturer and satirical poet Ramakant Mahapatra gave his speech and prepared a satirical poem about the village.

Mrs. Mishra, who touched the hearts of the listeners as the announcer of the Rath Yatra, has enlightened thousands of students in faculty life and is the recipient of Odisha glory with the National Promotion Award. In addition, many of his stories have been published and broadcast by various daily newspapers and radio stations.

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